Reimagining the Quilt

Are you a hot or cold sleeper?

Have you considered switching to or adding in a quilt?

Today’s Quilt, also known as a ‘Coverlet’ has progressed so much over time. We’ve taken inspiration from the quintessential Grandma’s attic quilt and viewed it as an opportunity to reimagine modern ‘sleek’ bedding… which ultimately has become a customer favorite and staple piece for J. Queen New York. 

Our reimagined quilts offer so much versatility to today’s bedding landscape.

Think of the quilt as a lightweight alternative to a comforter or a layering piece to any bedding ensemble. We envision the quilt as the perfect multi-use layering component that can be placed between the sheets and comforter or folded at the foot of the bed as an extra layer of warmth or decoration. 

Simply stated – using alone for a lightweight cover or layered in for extra warmth the coziness of a quilt will never go out of style! 

We invite you to take a look at some of our favorite quilts.