Our Story

Silver jacquard comforter set
Welcome to the World of J. Queen New York

For more than 10 years, J. Queen New York has been creating beautifully crafted, classic bedding, and home products.

It began in 2009 when our talented team equipped with decades of home textile experience collaborated to design and launch our first inspired collection of luxury bedding, bath, and window products.

Our design inspiration came from our travels around the country and around the world.

Today we continue to be inspired by all the different lifestyles and aesthetics we encounter worldwide, and our array of brands reflect this diversity. 

Our mission is to inspire those looking to create their own special space, be it one that appeals to a traditional aesthetic, contemporary leaning, or their love of all things country and fresh. 

We believe that quality matters, and our products will stand the test of time. Our New York City design team of artists, master weavers and sourcing experts are dedicated to creating a special lifestyle that tailor-fits you and your home decor.

We hope that our products will enrich your life and that you will enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating and offering them to you.

Thank you so much for getting to know J. Queen New York and our World of brands.